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Art, history and art history: museums, historical sites, exhibition catalogues etc. (Painting, medieval book, parchment, pigments, calligraphy, heritage)
Environment and biology: laboratories and industry. (Environment, MSDS, botany, cosmetics, safety, PPE, geology)
Sports: a large part of my work over the years has been related to scuba diving. (Tourism, diving gear, swimming, water sports)
Local government policies:I have served as deputy mayor of my city, and borough councillor. This is an invaluable field experience that I'm now putting to good use for my translation work as well. (Institutional, government, administration, policy)
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• MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
• SDL Studio 2019, Subtitle Workshop, Memsource Editor etc.
• Oxford English Dictionary, Harrap's Unabridged, Grand Robert & Collins etc.
• Prolexis & Antidote French spell checkers
• Graphics: Corel Draw, Adobe suite, Scribus, Corel Painter, DXO Photo Lab, etc.
• Internet: Adobe DreamWeaver CS5, FileZilla, WordPress, Joomla!, PluXm, Pinegrow etc.

Please note that I do not use MTPE and will not do it in the future. I do not offer MTPE editing either. I take pride in offering good, readeable and idiomatic French.


• DSL connection
• Windows 10 pro desktop computer (3 monitors), 17" Windows 7 laptop and 22" pen display
• Scanner, printer


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